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event|added Jul 29, 2016

spoga+gafa - the garden trend fair 2016


This is where the garden is at home spoga+gafa is the world's leading garden trade fair. Here, over 2,000 exhibitors from around 60 countries present their innovations for the green oasis to almost 40,000 international trade visitors. Here, both big and small garden brands meet up with the most important buyers and decision-makers from all over the world. Here, the entire industry gathers information about the current status quo - this is where the garden is at home.

The global exhibition is a decisive source of inspiration for the worldwide garden scene. It is three days of pure garden, from the fiery barbecue event, to the latest garden furniture and plant trends, through to exciting expert discussion rounds. This is the place-to-be for fresh ideas, exciting networking and a great deal of green business. Welcome to spoga+gafa. Welcome to the garden. Welcome home.


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Exploring the relationship between positive and negative space in a clean contemporary manner, All Stitched Up is a derivative of the Negative Chair with the addition of a stitching detail along the edges of the chair implying that the entire chair is being held together by the stitching. An all plywood chair with face veneer with the beauty of the exposed plywood edges contrasting the pure, clean faces of the chairs surfaces. Ideal for commercial and residential urban environments.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (United Arab Emirates)
Manufacturer: [urban]culturelab (United Arab Emirates)
Material: Plywood with timber face veneer and stitching
Colours: Various timber face veneers or coloured lacquer spray

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product|added Jul 26, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  4281 votes

Rubika B601 bookcase


Rubika B601
Things are defined by the way we see it.
A piece of illusion art translated in a ergonomic piece of furniture.
Suitable for bottles , decoratives and of course books.
A wooden bookcase inspired by the Rubik's Cube,
designed by George Bosnas for Anesis.

Designer: George Bosnas (Greece)
Manufacturer: ANESIS (Greece)
Inspired By: rubic's cube
Material: MDF laquered and MDF vennered natural ash wood
Colours: any
Dimension: 2400mm L x 2100mm H x 330mm D
Price: upon request

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Safari cushions


My Friend Paco, the new Portuguese brand just launched SAFARI cushions.
SAFARI is a high spirits collection in vibrant colors, playful and irreverent with a slight mysterious vibe that hypnotize us. SAFARI is like a rebel son who, despite being so unpredictable and irreverent, everyone enjoys to be by his side.
After all, all we want is to have an exotic bird on our couch when we get home.

Designer: Maria Figueiredo (Portugal)
Manufacturer: (Portugal)
Inspired By: nature, pshychadelia, exotic
Dimension: 45 x 45 cm
Price: 52

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product|added Jul 18, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  12816 votes



For CEDIT Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò | BRH+ have designed “Matrice”, an expressive composition that explores the consistency of concrete, with exquisite surface decorations. With a wide spectrum of modular combinations, the series of slabs features a network of linear incisions which can later be grouted in bright colours, using patterns derived from the Italian hand-embroidery tradition.

Designer: Barbara Brondi & Marco Rainò | BRH+ (Italy)
Manufacturer: CEDIT - Ceramiche d'Italia (Italy)
Inspired By: the Italian hand-embroidery tradition
Material: Ceramic
Colours: different colours
Dimension: different dimensions
Price: upon request

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product|added Jul 17, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  13753 votes

BLOB sofa furniture


A very strong presence is achieved with the unique form of Blob which will transform any environment with its constant state of perceived movement. Each module is available separately allowing for Blob to be configured into any required length.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (United Arab Emirates)
Manufacturer: [urban]culturelab (United Arab Emirates)
Material: Fabric Upholstery
Colours: Select from our standard fabric ranges

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product|added Jul 15, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  16274 votes



Crafted and designed by ACERA, with the collaboration of Hangar Design Group, One-O-One takes its name from the tallest skyscraper in Taipei, commemorating its skyline: it is a fashion accessory connecting the European taste to a global lifestyle, where the travel mug becomes a functional and elegant object indissolubly tied to the idea of travel as a multicultural experience

Designer: ACERA (Taiwan)
Manufacturer: ACERA (Taiwan)
Inspired By: the tallest skyscraper in Taipei
Material: CERAMIC and white tourmaline powder
Colours: Different shades of warm and natural colours
Dimension: Height 18cm, diameter 7,5 cm
Price: 70,00

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product|added Jul 13, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  18946 votes



Inspired by the skeletal remains of organic forms, “All that Remains” is a parametric bench beautifully crafted from natural plywood suitable for corporate, hospitality and residential landscapes enticing conversation as a gallery piece in its own right.

Designer: Francois Papastefanou (United Arab Emirates)
Manufacturer: [urban]culturelab (United Arab Emirates)
Material: 18mm Plywood with Oak face veneer
Colours: White Oak, Red Oak, Ash or Walnut face veneer
Dimension: 1978mm L x 730mm H x 1259 D

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Black tv unit


Everyday we fight between the good and the bad, the wright and the wrong.Apparently even the most simple things can have an entire universe within.In this piece i've chose to use the solid american oak to represent the light and the warmth, and the lacquered and lacquered steel to represent the dark and cold, but if you notice in the pitch black hole i've apllied the led light to represent the light, the hope.This piece is composed by two drawers and an open space.

Designer: Luis Branco (Portugal)
Manufacturer: Branco (Portugal)
Material: solid american oak, lacquered mdf and lacquered steel
Colours: oak and mate black
Dimension: 1800x470x450mm
Price: price over request

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event|added Jul 07, 2016

THE ARTS+ the business of creativity


It combines a trade-show, conference ( get your ticket here ) and network hub. It will launch at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair 19-23 October. We are proud of it. It is called: THE ARTS+

THE ARTS+ fair, spanning over 2.000 sqm, is hosted in a specially designed and curated area within the Frankfurt Book Fair, which annually attracts 270.000 visitors, 10.000 journalists, 10.000 right dealers (publishing, film, games, online) and 200+ political and administrative officials from over 110 countries. THE ARTS+ area has exhibition space for creative clusters, museums, agencies, service providers, online platforms, enterprises and brands. A laboratoryserves as an interactive, interdisciplinary and open format while salons will be home to exclusive talks, matchmaking and presentations. A catwalk stage for pitching sessions, performances and creative presentations with a curated program but also open sessions and the stylish Arts+ Café will make THE ARTS+ an unique experience. And the key event for those who seek new partnerships, manufacturers and service providers for their cultural and creative businesses.

THE ARTS+ conference is the content-rich, dazzling kick-off event on Oct. 19th. Thought leaders, top level industry experts, celebrated artists, aspiring entrepreneurs and renowned influencers for key-notes, presentations, conversations and panels come together on stage and discuss content as the new currency in cultural and creative businesses. Besides best-practice cases from the performing arts, architecture and design, museums as well as virtual reality, AI and 3D printing, the main focus will be on fueling the discussion around marketplaces for creative rights and intellectual property in culture and creativity. Thus a growth in business through the scaling of content by remixing, refining and adding, but also the question of monetization and public sharing, resulting in the creation of new values and businesses around creativity and culture. The conference’s focus lies on the consequences of culture being disrupted by the 4th Industrial Revolution and addresses the possible need for a new cultural currency in a digital world.

THE ARTS+ manifesto think tank (by invitation only): After a wide-ranging series of stage presentations the day will culminate with a closed door round table discussion wherein selected speakers will be joined by experts from the audience as well as creative and cultural cluster representatives to develop and draft a manifesto to address and support the needs of creative and cultural businesses.

THE ARTS+ VIP program: On Oct. 18th, the evening prior to the THE ARTS+, speakers, partners and selected guests are invited to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair opening ceremony and VIP reception. It is one of Europe’s most prestigious cultural highlights bringing together intellectuals, bestselling-authors, publishers, media-representatives, celebrities and guests of honor for a festive evening.

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