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product|added Jun 25, 2016 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  83 votes

The World’s first vegan wooden sneakers


The World’s first vegan wooden sneakers by nat-2™
The 100% vegan, unisex sneaker’s uppers are made from real sustainable wood, which covers up to 90% of the shoe’s surface, depending on each style.
The wood is vector engraved. The feel is very smooth and soft, while you can
smell the wood and see the tree’s natural texture. The sustainable material is FSC certified ®. Made in Italy. Types of wood used are ash, birch, maple, tulip tree, walnut, cherry, elm and beech.

Designer: sebastian thies (Germany)
Manufacturer: nat-2 (Germany)
Inspired By: nature
Material: wood
Colours: black navy
Dimension: 35 x 12 x 10
Price: 350 €

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product|added Jun 21, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  2992 votes

Angel Vase


Angel is a flower vase sculpted on a single solid block of Spanish marble. The marble is carved using a mixtures of traditional techniques and is fully handmade by skilled marble artisans from the south of Spain.

The vase also includes a separate and portable copper vase which adds convenience by making it easier to change the water and refresh the flowers.

Designer: Ahsayane Studio (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: (Spain)
Inspired By: Rock cut architecture
Material: Marble and cooper
Colours: White
Dimension: High 400mm x Wide 250mm x Depth 150mm *(Weight 25Kg)
Price: 695.00£ (Shipping not included)

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product|added Jun 21, 2016 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  3123 votes

Hardwood Bowls


Introducing Turned Hardwood Bowls: modern small wares inspired by Pacific Northwest design and those enduring hand-made wooden bowls our parents and grandparents used for generations as functionally apt accent pieces. Each Hardwood bowl is hand-turned from sustainable and locally harvested Walnut and Big Leaf Maple by Hew Woodworking founder Sterling Collins, an architectural designer turned master woodworker.

Designer: Sam Huff (United States)
Manufacturer: Tanner Goods (United States)
Inspired By: Our grandparents
Material: Big leaf Maple and Walnut, both sustainably sourced in Oregon
Colours: Maple and Walnut
Dimension: Three sizes: 6
Price: $80, $110, and $130 or $280 for the set

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product|added Jun 20, 2016 0 rating 3.01 / 5  |  3004 votes

Lemniskata Shelf


Lemniskata Shelf has been inspired by a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity. We have combined representing symbol with physical unbroken form design. So we have created from 2d symbol to 3d continuous dynamic product.

Lemniskata Shelf is for books, magazines and also for all decoration objects or similar. We believe that infinity fluid lines of Lemniskata make interior spaces more dynamic.

Designer: Nüvist, Ltd. (Turkey)

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product|added Jun 20, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  3718 votes

Goldencycle PUNCH 2016 bicycle single speed fixed gear


The first thing you notice about the Goldencycle PUNCH Bicycle are the innovative light weight hollowed rims, gold anodized crank, seat post, and handlebar. These gold components aren’t just for looks, but the gold anodization process makes the aluminum components about 8 times harder and provides a more effective protective surface. Paired with these components is a classic matte steel frame that resists dirt and dust, allowing the bike to keep its killer looks for a long time.

Designer: Nikolaus Hartl (Germany)
Manufacturer: Goldencycle (Germany)
Inspired By: bike messenger New York
Material: Steel and aluminium
Colours: Black and gold
Dimension: Framesize 57cm
Price: 699,-€

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product|added Jun 20, 2016 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  3939 votes



A ‘dreamy’ mug for relaxing times in everyday life.
It's our original products is beginning to sell from this Spring. Made in Hasami Japan.

Designer: 83Design (Japan)
Manufacturer: 83Design (Japan)
Material: ceramic(porcelain)
Colours: Gray,Blue,Brown
Dimension: W111 x D78 x H85
Price: ¥3,200

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product|added Jun 18, 2016 0 rating 3 / 5  |  4944 votes

S cube table


Concrete and steel side coffee table , available in different colors and finishes.

Designer: Setworkshop (United Kingdom)
Manufacturer: Setworkshop (United Kingdom)
Inspired By: cranes
Material: Concrete and steel
Colours: available in different colors and finishes
Dimension: 450x450x400mm
Price: 600 pounds

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event|added Jun 18, 2016

THE ARTS+ the business of creativity


It combines a trade-show, conference ( get your ticket here ) and network hub. It will launch at this year's Frankfurt Book Fair 19-23 October. We are proud of it. It is called: THE ARTS+

THE ARTS+ fair, spanning over 2.000 sqm, is hosted in a specially designed and curated area within the Frankfurt Book Fair, which annually attracts 270.000 visitors, 10.000 journalists, 10.000 right dealers (publishing, film, games, online) and 200+ political and administrative officials from over 110 countries. THE ARTS+ area has exhibition space for creative clusters, museums, agencies, service providers, online platforms, enterprises and brands. A laboratoryserves as an interactive, interdisciplinary and open format while salons will be home to exclusive talks, matchmaking and presentations. A catwalk stage for pitching sessions, performances and creative presentations with a curated program but also open sessions and the stylish Arts+ Café will make THE ARTS+ an unique experience. And the key event for those who seek new partnerships, manufacturers and service providers for their cultural and creative businesses.

THE ARTS+ conference is the content-rich, dazzling kick-off event on Oct. 19th. Thought leaders, top level industry experts, celebrated artists, aspiring entrepreneurs and renowned influencers for key-notes, presentations, conversations and panels come together on stage and discuss content as the new currency in cultural and creative businesses. Besides best-practice cases from the performing arts, architecture and design, museums as well as virtual reality, AI and 3D printing, the main focus will be on fueling the discussion around marketplaces for creative rights and intellectual property in culture and creativity. Thus a growth in business through the scaling of content by remixing, refining and adding, but also the question of monetization and public sharing, resulting in the creation of new values and businesses around creativity and culture. The conference’s focus lies on the consequences of culture being disrupted by the 4th Industrial Revolution and addresses the possible need for a new cultural currency in a digital world.

THE ARTS+ manifesto think tank (by invitation only): After a wide-ranging series of stage presentations the day will culminate with a closed door round table discussion wherein selected speakers will be joined by experts from the audience as well as creative and cultural cluster representatives to develop and draft a manifesto to address and support the needs of creative and cultural businesses.

THE ARTS+ VIP program: On Oct. 18th, the evening prior to the THE ARTS+, speakers, partners and selected guests are invited to attend the Frankfurt Book Fair opening ceremony and VIP reception. It is one of Europe’s most prestigious cultural highlights bringing together intellectuals, bestselling-authors, publishers, media-representatives, celebrities and guests of honor for a festive evening.


product|added Jun 17, 2016 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  7245 votes

Weave flower vase


Weave is a flower vase which is composed of various shaped of wickers and colorful ceramic bowls aiming at a good combination of digital technique and craftsmanship. He designed a whole process from modeling 3D data to making the molds, applying digital technologies.
Movie @ vimeo

Designer: Hamanishi DESIGN (Japan)
Manufacturer: (Japan)
Material: Rattan, Ceramic

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product|added Jun 17, 2016 0 rating 2.99 / 5  |  7603 votes

Goddard's credenza


This is another custom made furniture commission, a modern credenza with hints of 50's style!  The requirements where to design a console with four independent cubes and a metal base with a mid century look.
The materials are walnut wood veneer and powder coated steel.

Designer: Cristian Arostegui G. (Canada)
Manufacturer: Arostegui Studio (Canada)
Inspired By: mid-century funiture designs
Material: 3/4
Colours: white, black, orange, blue)
Dimension: 70 1/4
Price: $2, 797 canadian

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